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VISITRAN provides unparrell transportation services equipped to get you to your destination.... wherever that may be.

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VISITRAN LIVE provides transportation to all major events; concerts, amusement parks, professional sporting arenas, corporate conferences, tourist locations and more.

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VISITRAN CONNECT offers families, with a loved one incarcenrated, the opportunity to visit with them. Elite transportation services take passengers to and from their destination.

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VISITRAN EXCHANGE is our online marketplace and collaboration services platform. Become a seller, buyer, sponsor, and or information resource agent. Stay in the loop for further updates and details. Coming Soon!

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V Shop

The V Shop is the official store selling VISITRAN brand products and features products and items authored by upcoming designers, artists, etc. A portion of the proceeds will be donate to charity. Supprt us as we support our communites.
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Booking a trip with Visitran is simple. Search it. Plan it. Book it. Whether private or public events we can accommodate your travel plans.

Are your looking for an event transportation company? We have a extensive fleet of vehicles geared towards getting you where you need go. Our fleet consists of: 4 passenger executive sedans; 6-8 passenger SUVs; 10-14 passenger multi purpose vans; 24 passenger mini buses; Mini Coaches and 55 passenger Motorcoaches. VISITRAN's drivers are industry professionals with several years of experience. All of the vehicles we use are fully insured. We offer competitive services at affordable price points. Our packages are designed with our customers in mind. Do you need a transportation service catered specifically around your needs? Contact us today. We are readily available to assist you in your upcoming endeavors.

Check out our FLEET
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Your band playing and you want to attend the event but its too far away? Want to see that spectacular play you've heard so much rave about in the press but can't get a ride? Want to follow your favorite teams this year but parking at the stadiums are too hectic? With our event transportation services you can plan and book your trips without the hassel. In as little as four simple steps you can be well on your way to events you would otherwise miss out on. There is no need to calculate gas prices vs. gas mileage. Forget the long drive and having to deal with those reckless drivers on the open road. With VISITRAN LIVE We Will Get You There!!


VISITRAN CONNECT offers transportation to families, with incarcerated loved ones, to over 200 correctional facilities. Many families and friends experience difficulty visiting their loved ones due to lack of transportation which creates a wedge between relationships and families. We do not condone crime by no means, however we have developed and extended this service for the families realizing the importance of keeping families united. VISITRAN CONNECT's mission is to provide safe, reliable, and most importantly affordable transportation to these families. If you have experienced difficulty visiting a loved one due to transportation related issues, allow VISITRAN CONNECT to bridge the gap.

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VISITRAN EXCHANGE offers members and visitors the opportunity to purchase brand items, share ideas and collobrate on projects, attend workshops, further their education and more. We are putting the final touches on this important "aspect" of our service and will be soon offering these resources to our members and visitors. To receive updates and our information packet click "Updates". Do you have further inquiries? Submit your request below and one of our reps will be in contact with you.

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Awesome Services that won't break the bank.

Transportation should be affordable, reliable, and comfortable. Each of VISITRAN's services come jam packed with awesomeness! Our vehicles are the top of their class and we even have eco friendly vehicles aswell (Send us inquiry for further details). We strive to provide excellence in all that we do. Our broad range of services make us more than just a transportation company. After all Look around, who else does what we do? Nobody! Why? Because we are pioneers, we are leaders, and we are taking traveling to new heights unlike anything, and or any company, before. From simple outings to lengthy expeditions we make hiring a transportation company a logical solution. Below are some samples of a few of our travel packages. All packages are based on daily round trips. Special discounts for groups and larger parties. Contact us for further details.


  • $30.00(adult)
  • $17.50(Chidren)
  • up to 350(miles)


  • $60.00(adult)
  • $35.00(Children)
  • 350(Miles)


  • $75.00(Adult)
  • $30.00(Children)
  • 450(Miles)


  • $85.00(Adults)
  • $45.00(Children)
  • 550(Miles)


  • $95.00(Adult)
  • $40.00(Children)
  • 650(Miles)
 Will I receive a refund if I am not able to see my loved one once I arrive to the facility and or if I lose my event ticket when we arrive?

Visitran is only responsible to get you to your destination, therefore we do not give refunds under any other circumstances. Exceptions are made in instances such as issues with the transportation vehicles.

 What if I need to cancel or reschedule my reservation?

Contact us at least 72 hours prior to your previously scheduled trip for cancellation or rescheduling at

 How can I make a payment?

Create an account or login with facebook and the application will prompt you to payment options as you go through the application process. Additionally VISITRAN EVENT LIVE passengers can purchase tickets directly from

 Where do you pick up passengers?

Passengers are to be picked up from Sub Hub locations. Are you interested in door to door pick up? Contact us today to receive a price list and or quote for your area;

 Which prisons do you provide service to?

We provide transportation to all prisons within North Carolina. Additional states coming soon.

 Will I be notified if for any reason my trip is cancelled or rescheduled?

VISITRAN requires a minimum of 9 passengers per sub hub for service. There are chances that you may be redirected to another nearby Sub Hub which has more passengers for pickup if any sub hub in particular does not meet our minimal requirements. This is optional and in very rare instances. Notifications will be sent well in advance in such cases.

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